Ok all along I have been talking about living but what exactly is living?! What exactly is life?
They say life is from B to D. That is, Birth to Death.
But, actually between B and D, is C according to the order of alphabets C is between B and D.
So what is a C?
That C that is between B and D stands for Choice. That C is a choice. Our life is a matter of choice. Every choice, decision and step that we take affects and influences our life’s. For without the C, without a choice, our lives will just be B and D, our life’s will just be Birth and Death.
When you have a reason to live then you will live, then you will have a purpose in life and when you die you won’t just fade away like the stars when the sun shines. You can’t know what you will die for unless you know what you will live for.
When you were born you were crying while everybody was smiling so make an impact in life so that when you die you will be smiling and everybody else crying.
LIVE YOUR LIFE WELl!!! So that you will be remembered.
This year hasn’t ended yet, you can still make an impact.