No matter what…………..

So I was watching house(the medical series) this particular episode was different and unique to me.
Okay this was what happened. There was a blind guy that was brought in he had been blind right since he was born but he was brought in because he was high on some drug can’t really remember the name of the drug. So turns out the guy took those pills because someone told him it could make see for at least a minute, really sad stuff. So the guy took the pills which actually threatened his life, he would have died if his girlfriend didn’t come in and all well the point I am actually trying to make is that the guy took the pills because he wanted to see at least colour, a shape anything and while that seemed like what he really wanted at the moment he completely forgot about the effect of the substance that he took into his body.
At the end of the day the guy lost his earring after going through so much Pain and giving up on his life he lost his earring so now he was both blind and deaf.
One thing that the guy said that really got to me was when he said and I quote ” nobody cares about someone like me, nobody cares about a blind man, no girl wants a blind man in her life, I Would RATHER DIE than BE DEAF” that stuff moved me.
He brought himself down to the level of an animal. That is completely wrong no matter what happens you will still see someone who loves you no matter what happens so never lose hope and faith it lowers your self esteem which isn’t good if you want be successful. No matter what anyone says you are awesome and would always be a great person.



2 thoughts on “No matter what…………..

  1. Too bad for the guy. He should have seen more to life even if he cant see. Disability isn’t the end of the road, rather it gives some edge over that is able-bodied How does one explain Stevie wonder as one of the greatest artists of all times despite been blind? How do you explain Beethoven being one of the greatest composers of all time despite being deaf? How did they hear and see their work? They had one inner strength that was very powerful. They utilised it and became famous.

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