Pain is meant to be felt.

Okay uhm! Good day or hi which ever one you prefer.
I woke up today thinking about how the characters in most animations or cartoons that I watched when I was like 8years old would wake up so happy and would wake up smiling filled with joy, some even sang . Then I thought about how I woke up, frowning and just staring out into the air, I thought about how cold I was and said to myself “ooh well Derin you just ain’t like Cinderella Oort Snow White or beauty in beauty and the beast”. A thought came to me that it was probably because they were cartoon or animation characters, but I said to myself there outta be more to it so I thought deeper and realized that this characters never seemed to have any problem and if they did they would just cry it out.
I guess all that I am saying is express your pain, because pain is meant to be felt. Don’t bottle up your feeling and make the sadness and pain over shadow the happiness and joy, I mean have fun and smile but know that it doesn’t really hurt to cry the pain out.
Smile! You are alive.