The packages in our life.

Okay so I realized that through out our lives we open packages, different packages that lead to others.
This might sound silly but read on there is some sense to it.
When you order for something online most of the time it comes as a package or when someone sends something to us it comes as a package, at least most of the time.
You realize that it is only the sender of the package that knows what is in the package and not the receiver, but yet the receiver opens the package trusting that whatever is in the package will not hurt.
Okay so compare this scenario to when we have an idea or have a choice to make and when we take the risk to follow up on the idea or to make the choice or decision we actually trust ourselves enough to make the right choice or decision. We actually trust ourselves not to hurt ourselves. To be frank it’s not like anyone would want to hurt his or herself unless the person is mentally deranged or maybe the has issues or maybe when the person has NO REASON TO LIVE or at least the person thinks so.
See! Everybody has a reason to live that reason just has to be discovered. Some people might think about committing sucide but when faced with the choice to take their own life they fall.
My whole point is that you have to trust yourself enough to make the best decision that will favour you.
You have to trust yourself to take risks and make choices because if you don’t you are NOT living.
So please do not be scared to make decisions just imagine that you are opening a package.