Trees and Fruits

Hi, happy holidays.

Okay so, I was cooking one day and I was really hungry, because I was really hungry I increased the heat thinking that it was going to make the food cook faster but it actually just burnt the food, when the food burnt I was really sad and then had to add some water to the food which means more time was going to be needed for the cooking.
As I was adding the water I paused and thought about why I was rushing and trying to speed up the cooking and I discovered that there wasn’t really any sense to what I was doing at the end of the day the food was completely tasteless, as in the food was horrible. As a matter of fact I think horrible is an understatement, the food lost it’s taste due to the amount of water I added to it.
Well I realized that if I had waited patiently for the food to cook I would have been more satisfied and I would have a eaten a good and fulfilling meal instead of what I ate.
Actually patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in your mind.
Okay! You could see patience as a tree, a tree takes time to grow but when it starts to produce fruits the beauty of the tree is seen and the fruits are sweet, that is when the fruits are ripe.
So just have it in your mind that patience is bitter but it’s fruit is sweet.
When things don’t happen right away, remember that it takes 6months to build a Rolls Royce while it takes 13hours to build a Toyota.