I once read a quote by William Shakespare that said;” nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so”. Well when I read it I thought deeply about it and well at first I thought it did not make sense.
But I realized that the reason I thought it didn’t make sense was probably because I had it stuck to my mind before that there was obviously a difference between Good and Bad.
I realized that William Shakespare knew what he was saying when he said it.
It all just matters on the point of view. For example, a hunter considers hunting good from his point of view while the animals who are victims of hunting consider it bad because of their point of view. The same thing goes for injections, a little child will consider injections bad because they are painful while the doctor will consider injections good because of the medical effect it has, it all just depends on the point of view or it mainly just depends on what hurts you and what doesn’t or what is bitter and what is sweet.


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