A new year

So most people around me have had this idea of a new year as a year where you have to change.
All my life i have heard that when its a new year you have to change, have new habits and all.

“New year, new me” this is the phrase that most people use during this period and well i also used to use it, but as i have grown( even though i am just 14) i have realized that there is more to a new year and that its not compulsory that you have to wait till a new year before you change.

But actually you dont change you just become a better person. I have actually become a better person as years have passed, and becoming a better person doesnt neccessarily mean that you have to sit down, write down and think about what you dont like about yourself, in my opinion its depressing, its remembering your pain and difficult times.

You can become a better person by just saying the words and keeping to it.
For example: i want to be more patient around people ( and just repeat it)

In my opinion, just forget what is gone, appreciate what still remains and anticipate what is coming next, because you are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream

Happy new year in advance, go out with your friends and have fun!
Start the year happy because as the year goes on you will be happier.



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