Do not care.

Hi everyone. You good?. I really hope you are.

So, i was hanging out with my friends in school one day, talking randomly about stuff. One of my friends mentioned that she wants to study law in the university as a second course. ( Her initial course is engineering) we all laughed at her and she just tried covering up by saying she was just joking, but deep inside i knew she wanted to go ahead with it but because of our action, she actually lost interest.

I and some other friends told her sorry and that she should actually go on with her plan if she wanted to.

Actually, you shouldnt care about what other people say, you shouldnt be discouraged by what people say about your ideas. If you have an idea go for it and let nothing stand in your way because it is your life. If you gain you will be happy and if you are at a loss at least you made an attempt and you have learnt from your loss.

I personally believe that you should do whatever makes you comfortable as long it doesnt hurt the people around you.
You should please yourself as long as you think about the consequences or result of what you do, and well if you are ok with the result go ahead, but one thing, if you do something bad and things go wrong blame yourself and nobody else.

If you like go and rob a bank and go to jail its your business and your life.( But i strongly advice you not to)

Thank you all. Keep reading.


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