Deal with it or dont.

Hi! Have fun and enjoy.

Okay, so I have been thinking for a while why some people don’t have problems( at least that’s what I think or used to think ).

I used to think that people who are rich and happy don’t have problems, as a matter of fact I used to want what they have but, honestly everybody has the potential and ability to be rich, everyone can be rich and when you have what you want, you will be happy.

Honestly, happiness is not the absence of problems. It is the ability to deal with those problems.

Even the people that we call rich today also have problems, the richest person in the world has problems but his/her action and his response to those problems are the key to his/her riches and happiness.

Even if a person comes from a rich family, if he is not wise in his actions or in his response to problems he might actually loose his riches.

I was in the car with my sister one day and we had to stop because of the traffic light. As we stopped a beggar came to the driver’s window area, where my sister was sitting.
This man came begged for money, my sister did not give him and I did not have change so I couldn’t either, when the man left I asked my sister why she did not give him little money. She said, and I quote
“his legs, hands, eyes, ears and. mouth are perfectly alright, he has. decided to become a beggar because he has no job. He can be creative and put himself to use”

My sister’s point was actually clear to me, she believed that the man had not been wise in dealing with his problem.

So am not saying giving is bad, I am just saying that you can be rich and happy if you want as long as you deal with your problems wisely and also note that money or being rich doesn’t make you automatically a happy person.

So have fun again and live life well.


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