Hi everyone.

Today I am going to be sharing something different.

Albert Einstein was a really great and wise man and it was one of his quotes or theories that inspired me to post this.

According to physics temperature can be defined as the degree of hotness or coldness of a body.

Most of the time when I want to take a bath I have to combine cold water and hot water to get warm water and according to physics when the water at the two different temperatures are combined the hot water loses heat and the cold water absorbs the heat to give the water we call warm.

I hope I haven’t bored you I just love science, please read on.

Does cold really exist?
Albert Einstein believed that cold doesn’t exist because according to physics cold is infact the loss of heat.

Also, does darkness exist?
Darkness doesn’t exist either. Darkness in reality is the absence of light. We can study light but darkness cannot be studied.

The same thing implies to evil. It is just like darkness and cold.
God did not create evil. Evil or in other words bad is the absence of good.

Evil is infact the result of what happens when someone doesn’t have God’s love present in his/her heart.

Thanks for your time. Have fun and live life well.


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