Wow! Winter’s tale is an awesome movie, the story line is so cool and unique.

Turns out we all have a purpose to fufil in life, we all have our own unique and personal destiny and purpose in life.
we can’t have the same job or work to fufil in life, because we are all different.
No matter how anybody or anything stands in the way God will always ensure that we fufil our purpose in life.

Which means that we meet the people that we meet for a reason, so don’t look down on anyone because you don’t know who might be of help to you later in life because nobody is a nobody, and infact you are not even meant to look down on anyone at all.

Also, if things seem like they don’t make sense right now, if things seem rough right now, don’t worry things will fall into place and later things will start to make sense.

Life is just like pieces of a puzzle before they are put together, it may seem like it doesn’t make sense but when all the pieces are put together it gives a beautiful picture or images.

So have fun, live life and don’t give up on life, live life so that you won’t go down the drain like water. ( And try to watch winter’s tale)

Have fun once again and enjoy life, also note that you don’t meet people by accident.


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