hey guys! hope you are all good? I am sure that you are.

we have all made choices in life and we all have goals that we want to achieve and some that we have already achieved. At the same time we have been rejected, we have failed in some goals and infact we haven’t exactly failed because there is still time.

  • you got fired yesterday? anyone can get fired its just a matter of luck, you shouldn’t just sulk or cry over the job there are other jobs out there and yes pain is to be felt but still don’t commit suicide because you lost your job and can’t get one.
  • maybe you asked a girl out and she said no well maybe you guys aren’t just meant to be together or maybe you like a guy and the guy likes someone else maybe you guys are not meant to be together.

I believe that no matter what stands in your way you should always keep trying and don’t let rejection stop you because, one achievement can erase ten rejections.

fired * job/ infinity = sad face

rejection* love/ infinity= sad face

at the same time:

fired * job/ trying again = happy face

rejection * love/ trying again = happy face

thank you so much for your time. please read and leave a comment.


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