Ctrl + Z

hey! I am sure you are all good.

So today I am going to be talking about something that we are all familiar with. I believe that you know what i am talking about.

That moment when you are typing and you make a huge mistake, and you have to undo, all you have to do is press ctrl+z as many times as you want until you are satisfied. Alot of people wish there was a ctrl + z for life. but definately not me. I believe that the mistakes that we make in our lives actually have a major role in our lives, yes there are some really bad mistakes or decisions that some people make like:

  • murdering,
  • committing suicide and all those things.

These are not the kind of mistakes that I am referring to, all of them are bad and whoever does such should be punished because it is not right to take another person’s right neither is it right to terminate your own life.

You should understand what I mean, I am talking about that moment in life when we feel so sad and down that we wish we could just press that ctrl + Z on our life. I personally do not want to undo the things that I have done in my life because without those thing  i might not be who i am today, I wouldn’t have learnt what I should have learnt, I wouldn’t have made some decisions, I wouldn’t have had those goals or ideas.

Everything that happens in life happens for a reason so you should learn from every single thing that is around you. Listen carefully to everything because nothing really happens by mistake.

So, stop wishing that there was a ctrl + z that you could press on your life and instead just live life and learn from everything that happens to you. Learn from your regrets so that they would not be repeated.

You are a great person and maybe you are just an office clerk right now, dont worry becasuse you were born to be great, yeah there will be some challenges that you will face in life, there will be some portholes on the way but yet you will still achieve your goal, as long as you are dedicated and you have God with you, you can do anything. So go out today and be happy because you are great. An artist would never say that he made a mistake so live and be like an artist, design your own life, with the good and the bad and make the ugly beautiful.

Thank you so much for reading and have a good day. God bless


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