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The law of satisfaction

Ok uhmm hi! How you doing? Hope you are good?!

So have any of you noticed that when you get something you wanted so much after a while you just stop liking it and then you just want another thing and then it goes on and on like that.

From that I developed that the satisfaction that humans acquire after getting a thing is in continuous decreasing order once they acquire that thing and at the same time when a person is at a state of equilibrium satisfaction it is later altered by some factors like; the ‘I’ factor and majorly human wants which according to economics is unlimited. That is, the decrease in a persons satisfaction is directly proportional to increase in time. and at the same time  increase in a persons want is directly proportional to increase in time.

I hope you have noticed that all this comes down to increase in time, as time increases days pass, years pass, months pass and new things are developed and as new things are developed people including me begin to want things for themselves, they begin to care more about themselves now this is what I call the ‘I’ factor. 

I used to believe that because human wants are unlimited then satisfaction and contentment  could not be achieved. But actually it can only be achieved if we stop thinking about what we don’t have or what we want and start thing about what we do have.

Yes it is good to want things, but as you all know too much of everything is not good. I mean don’t you want to feel satisfied,  we , all of us can actually only be satisfied once we stop thinking about ourselves alone and stop giving ourselves all the attention we don’t deserve and actually start thinking about the people who really actually need the attention.

we need to eliminate the ‘I’ factor and develop the we factor because this life isn’t only about you, you aren’t the only one living on earth or in the world there are many other people we are all to busy taking selfies, using iPhones,iPads and all. I mean yeah this things are pretty awesome but there is still a world outside that because the world doesn’t revolve around one person. We need to consider others because that is only when we can be satisfied.




imagine if you were the only one in the world, do you think it will make sense? Think about it but my answer is hell no, it will just be so boring.

What if the only emotions that we could feel were pain, anger, jealousy and selfishness, imagine a world without love. It ain’t just gonna be right.
So please go out today and live life don’t worry about what you don’t have think about what you have and don’t forget to have fun.

Life is good, don’t beat yourself up because of what you want or don’t have and don’t go around being envious or jealous. Be happy.


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