Take action. NOW!!!

Hey people, so I am soo sorry that I haven’t written in a while, I thought I could write everyday but things don’t necessarily go the way you want them to unless you are deliberate about certain things you might not as well achieve them deliberately.
So well, uhmm I read this book and its awesome, Iearnt alot from this book that I would love to share with you.
Ok well, we all have thoughts, dreams, ideas and well we just keep them as dreams or ideas that we never really fully develop because of one reason or the other, we give ourselves excuses and stupid reasons just to make us feel better about the fact that we are not being deliberate about our ideas. Ok for example: when I was younger I always wanted to do some certain things and I always believed that as long as I have the idea I am different and am not the same with everyone else but that was just a very completely wrong thing to think.
One thing I have learnt is that it does not matter how brilliant your ideas are, they wont rule anything until you consciously bring your ideas to reality.
This is the trust and even though you think your ideas might be stupid, don’t beat yourself up about it, its just an idea its not yet a mistake. Everybody has the freedom and the chance to do something great, everybody has that chance, you and I inclusive. You have the chance so don’t dull yourself.
Many of us have a good idea and that’s all there is. We can’t seem to transform that idea into reality.
Quoting the author directly “An idea wont become reality without an action. The action does not need to come from the thinker. As long as there is movement or a corresponding action, then work is done”
Physics states that work is said to be done when force is applied on an object and the object in turn moves in the direction of that force.
What makes President Barack Obama a great man isn’t the thought of becoming America’s first black president but actually becoming America’s first black president.
What rules our world is the combination of all the things man has done, not thought.
What differentiates you from the population isn’t how many ideas you have but how many of your ideas you have brought to reality and how relevant they are.
I am going to tell you something today and take it however you want to but its just the fact. “thoughts do not rule the world”. The world isn’t your imagination. If you have an idea today just do it. Remember my post “Just do it”. Remember Nike “just do it”
If you don’t take action on an idea that you have now like it or not someone elsewhere will take action. You are not the only one that thinks the way you do there are other people out there with like mind, they have the same idea with you but what makes you different from them is when you transform your ideas into reality.
So you guys should go out today, with all this on your mind.
The awesome book is Red Eye by Bolu onasanya. You should read it. Please try to get a copy.
This post is just a tip of the iceberg


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