Behind the scenes

I watched antman about two weeks ago. That movie was nice and I believe we all see movies. Each has to have actors, a plot, a stage so many other components. It looks so easy when the actors are acting, it seems so easy almost like they didn’t have to go out of their way to learn their lines because they say it so easily.
I love watching or seeing movies that show part of the “behind the scenes”.i.e what happened in the process of making the movie.
I believe that there is so much more going on behind the scenes than on the screen and this is a profound statement.
We all see brides with their bridal train. Looking all elegant and fancy but we don’t actually know how much has happened during the whole process; from applying the make up to fixing of the nails to fixing of the hair and so many other bodily adjustments.
If the making of the movie and the makeover of the bride , isn’t well planned, isn’t well done, isn’t good in general. What shows on the screen isn’t going to be worth seeing or watching.
The same with building a house before the House becomes beautiful, there is so much more that has been done. There has been alot of effort but into making the foundation if not perfect almost perfect because if the foundation, the beginning, the starting point is bad, shaky. The end value, the product, the process will not be well defined it might come out  nice but it will not last. Alot of work is done behind the scenes so that what is shown on the screen is good to see.
When I was younger I was told that the way a person is brought up is how he or she will live. So in this case the upbringing is the foundation and the persons life is the product.
Newton’s third law of motion states that for every action there is equal and opposite reaction.
There are many thing that could be derived from this law it all just depends on the way it is looked at.
I am going to look at it from the angle that if you do something there is always something trying to go against that thing or something trying to slow it down. There is something called dampening in physics. Dampening is the process of reducing the intensity of a thing -making it i.e an activity or a feeling less strong. When the motion of an object is reduced due to whatever factors there exists, the motion of that object is said to be dampened.
So went you refer this whole scientific theory to our everyday activities and to reality I believe that we would be able to extract the fact that when we  perform an action there is always an opposite reaction i.e something going against our action.
In life this opposite action is the world. The world is a beautiful and ugly place. You remember when i said that the behind the scene was the upbringing well the world will try to create an opposite reaction to that foundation.
For example, if I want to read there are some vices that could distract me achieving my aim of reading like laziness, technology i.e phones and so many things.
But the thing is if your foundation is good and your mind is set to what you want to do then it will be difficult for the law to have an effect on you.
The main reason why there is always more going on behind the scenes is to make the view on the screen nice, cool, fresh………..etc.
So don’t only be concerned about the result be more concerned about the process, the foundation. Pay attention to the little things that you think don’t matter. Make sense of what you think is nonsense. We all have more than five senses all you need to do is focus and  listen to understand and not listen to reply. Make your foundation strong, make your behind the scenes perfect so that what is shown on the screens will be nice and you are impressed.
It doesn’t really matter what people what people think about what you do as along as you are impressed then I think you are kinda ok but I am not saying that should ignore what people say about you or your attitude because you might do something unconsciously.
I hope I didn’t bore you with all the physics but well its all cool.
Have fun.


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