The decimal point of life

In mathematics there is this thing called the decimal point. A decimal number is a proper fraction whose denominator is a power of 10.
The decimal system is a positional system of numeration that uses decimal digits and a base of ten.

I had a mathematics exam a while back and I solved some questions as a way of preparing for the examination. As I was solving one of the questions I had to divide 5 by 85 and the answer on the calculator was 0.0588 but along the way I put down 0.588.

It is easy to miss what things, situations, experiences are all about. It is easy to miss the whole point. One thing you need to know is that every thing you are going through presently is preparing you for the future.

In this case the numbers is an experience or situation in life and the decimal point is the point of view and well making a big mistake like positioning the decimal point wrongly will affect the result.
You know all this times where you have to use two formulae to solve a question and you have to use the answer you derived from the formula in the second. Writing 0.588 instead of 0.0588 will affect the end value.

Well this is all the same if you miss the point of a process, situation, circumstance, experience it will affect the end result, it will affect the end value. If the point of an experience is missed, it will affect the future. It will affect the turn out.

Remember Newton’s third law of motion with every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.
So don’t rush, be patient in every experience try to experience the experience. Remember you cant rush the process but you can live the process. Don’t miss the point so that the end value, the end result won’t be affected. Live life patiently so that you wont miss that important point.
I hope I didn’t bore you with mathematics   and physics. I just like using different things no matter what it is to explain a view.

So don’t miss the positioning of the decimal point in your life.


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